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5 Must-Have Figured Wood Turning Blanks for Your Next Project

5 Must-Have Figured Wood Turning Blanks for Your Next Project

Introduction: Woodturning is a captivating craft that allows artisans to create unique and beautiful pieces by shaping wood on a lathe. One key element in woodturning is the selection of high-quality wood blanks, as they form the foundation for your final masterpiece. In this blog, we will explore five must-have figured wood turning blanks that can elevate your projects to the next level.

  1. Bocote: Bocote wood is known for its striking appearance, featuring a mix of dark brown, black, and golden yellow hues with distinctive grain patterns. This exotic wood species is prized for its durability and workability, making it an excellent choice for turning projects such as pens, bowls, and other decorative items.

  2. Curly Maple: Curly maple, also known as tiger maple, exhibits a unique wavy grain pattern that shimmers in the light, adding depth and character to any turned piece. This figured wood blank is popular among woodturners for creating visually stunning bowls, vases, and intricate spindle work.

  3. Red Mallee Burl: Red mallee burl is a highly sought-after wood blank due to its rich red and brown colors, intricate burl patterns, and natural luster. This Australian hardwood is prized for its exceptional figure and is often used to create one-of-a-kind bowls, platters, and hollow forms that showcase its stunning grain features.

  4. Spalted Tamarind: Spalted tamarind wood blanks are prized for their unique black lines and patterns that result from the wood undergoing a natural decay process. This distinctive figuring adds a touch of elegance and interest to turned items, making spalted tamarind a popular choice for creating artistic bowls, pens, and ornamental pieces.

  5. Black Limba: Black limba, also known as korina wood, features a pale golden to dark brown color with distinctive black stripes that create a visually striking appearance. This figured wood blank is favored by woodturners for its ease of turning, stability, and ability to showcase intricate details and designs in projects such as bowls, platters, and decorative items.

Conclusion: Selecting high-quality figured wood turning blanks is essential for achieving exceptional results in your woodturning projects. The five must-have wood blanks mentioned in this blog – Bocote, Curly Maple, Red Mallee Burl, Spalted Tamarind, and Black Limba – offer a range of unique colors, grain patterns, and figures that can enhance the beauty and artistry of your turned creations. Whether you are a seasoned woodturner or a beginner looking to elevate your craft, incorporating these figured wood blanks into your projects can help you create stunning pieces that stand out from the rest.


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