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Granadillo : the wood that every wood worker should have .

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Granadillo is an excellent, heavy, fine finished, tropical hardwood found at Central America. Granadillo” is the normal name most often applied to the quality hardwood that comes from a few spscies types inside the Platymiscium sort. While there are 19 distinct kinds of Platymiscium, the 3 most noticeable ones available are Platymiscium yacatanum, Platymiscium pinnatum and Platymiscium pleiostchyum. Each of these have covering developing areas and proposition a somewhat unique encounter. All are quality hardwood giving remarkable character, shading and tone.

Video: check out this  real video to see how granadillo wood looks like.(California Exotic Hardwoods (CEH) )

The plant is especially esteemed as beautiful wood, which is ordinarily harvested and gathered from the wild. It is as of now (2020) the most sought after Dalbergia species in Mexico and Central America. This is one of 33 species categories named just like a reasonable Hongmu (red wood) lumber, utilized for delivering top notch Chinese furniture following practices from the Ming and Quing line, which makes it an especially significant wood.


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Pictures above are of granadillo logs and lumber from California Exotic Hardwoods (CEH) 

Dalbergia granadillo is exceptionally esteemed as a lumber species groups and is exported, particularly to China. Because of the demand of the species to fulfil the global wood need, the populace is declining. illegal logging additionally added to the deficiency of mature people, because of the worth of the wood. Double-dealing is deduced to have made the populace decline by more than 80% throughout the last three ages. The plant is delegated ‘Fundamentally Endangered’ in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species(2019).We California exotic hardwood (CEH) harvest and procure Granadillo legally.

Granadillo answers to turning and transmits a caramel like aroma when worked. It is additionally a fantastic option in contrast to cocobolo for the individuals who don’t wish to manage the unnecessary oil and potential unfavourably susceptible responses that genuine rosewoods some of the time initiate. Common straight grain designs with some inconsistency, it is likewise known to have successive figuring. , Its satisfying feel and incredible working and completing properties settle on it a famous decision with guitar and furniture developers, the same. It has a characteristic shine and a serious level of chatoyance frequently arises after complete the process of sanding. Similarly as with all Platymiscium species, the heartwood is likewise incredibly impervious to parasites and termite assault, which is because of its substance of auxiliary metabolites.

Check this videos above .In which you can see wood grains and wood turning ..(California Exotic Hardwoods (CEH) )

In South America, it is exceptionally viewed as the best tone wood decision for marimba and xylophone bones and is regularly referred to as “La Madera Que Canta” (“wood that sings”). Granadillo has been said to have a ringing, splendid tap tone and is acquiring ubiquity among American instrument creators. Granadillo got more prominent consideration and consistently filling in prominence since the exportation restriction on Brazilian Rosewood, just about 25 years prior.

Granadillo is casually viewed as a sort of rosewood. Sonically, it’s practically identical to Indian rosewood, but it’s harder and denser. It also looks like Dalbergia rosewood in both thickness and shading. Granadillo heartwood colors range from purple to brown to red tints. Its sapwood is pale white. Subsequently, the wood differentiates unmistakably where the sap meets the heart. The difference is obviously depicted and unique. Notwithstanding its dim shocking and stunning tones, Granadillo stumble is valued for its thickness. It is an exceptionally heavy solid durable wood, comparable in thickness to genuine Dalbergia rosewoods like Kingwood

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Amazing pictures of Granadillo slabs from California Exotic Hardwoods (CEH) 

One more name for Granadillo is Mexican Rosewood, however Granadillo is simpler to work and pastes significantly more promptly and easily. It is thick and straight with a shut grain structure. Albeit not a genuine Rosewood.

Granadillo is an intriguing wood that is radiant red to rosy or purplish brown, with rather unmistakable stripes. The sapwood is obviously unmistakable from the heartwood, and is practically white in shading. It is hard and better than Teak and presumably Mahogany. The wood is particularly weighty. It weighs considerably more than Hard maple or Teak in the green or prepared condition. The thickness of the wood is exceptionally high. Similar in tone to rosewood, granadillo boasts a broad frequency range with clear articulation and a bell-like sparkle that enhances the sustain. Because it tends to be slightly harder and denser than rosewood, the tone can produce a little extra chime. The wood customarily has been utilized for marimba bars in view of its unmistakable, chimey tone. Old style guitar producers later acquired it and have been involving it for something like 50 years. Matching granadillo with a Sitka tidy top will yield clear, ringing, long-supporting notes. It will in general be exceptionally restricted in accessibility.


Video : Granadillo milling and logs …from California Exotic Hardwoods (CEH) 

Works out positively For: An assortment of body shapes and playing styles. Assuming you like clear, ringer like tone and a rosewood guitar, granadillo will presumably interest you. Granadillo (from the variety Platymiscium) is an extraordinary tone wood in acoustic guitars. Be that as it may, it makes an eminent fret board material and can be a full yet adjusted tone wood for acoustic guitar backs/sides.

These trees are represented to grow up to heights of 80 feet with trunk widths of 29-42″. The buttressed trees encourage straight and generally around outlined boles, that are consistently clear to 60 feet.
Origin of Wood Type: Mexico, Central America down to the Brazilian Amazon region.
scientific Name: Playmiscium yucatanum

Explicit Gravity :0.79

Avg. Weight Per BF 4.25 lb/bf

Shading Range: Yellow – Orange – Red – Brown-purple

Extraordinariness/Availability: Moderately Rare
Common Avg. Width 3″ to 12″

Common Avg. Length 4′ to 12′

Avg. Squander Factor 0.3

Normal Name(s): Macacauba, Macawood, Hormigo, Orange Agate ,Trebol

Found at Central and South America

Tree Size: 65-80 ft (20-25 m) tall, 2-3 ft (.6-1.0 m) trunk measurement

Normal Dried Weight: 59 lbs/ft3 (950 kg/m3)

Explicit Gravity (Basic, 12% MC): .81, .95

Janka Hardness: 2,700 lbf (12,030 N)

Modulus of Rupture: 21,540 lbf/in2 (148.6 MPa)

Versatile Modulus: 2,837,000 lbf/in2 (19.56 GPa)

Crushing Strength: 11,700 lbf/in2 (80.7 MPa)

Shrinkage: Radial: 2.8%, Tangential: 4.2%, Volumetric: 7.2%, T/R Ratio: 1.5
Patter of the grains are directly to interlocked sometimes spider web like patterns are also seen .Its very rare to find that kind of Granadillo wood with that kind of grain pattern ,wood workers love that kind of amazing and extraordinary grain patterns and these expensive rare kind of wood is used to make some stunning piece of musical instruments like acoustic guitar backs/sides. Its texture is medium to fine and also pores are diffuse –porous. Endgrain is diffuse-permeable; huge pores in no particular arrangement; lone and outspread products of 2-3; heartwood mineral/gum stores (yellow) sometimes present; development rings undefined; beams not apparent without focal point (only uniseriate).

Dalbergia granadillo is a plant of tropical marshes, where it is found at rises around 100 meters.
Species in this sort are for the most part found in the wild growing in sandy soils and on limestone escarpments. In cultivation they are probably going to grow well in a fertile, topsoil soil and a situation in full sun.
This species has a cooperative relationship with specific soil microscopic organisms, these microorganisms structure knobs on the roots and fix climatic nitrogen. A portion of this nitrogen is used by the developing plant yet some can likewise be utilized by different plants developing nearby.

The wood has a wonderful purple tone with wide stripes of purplish dark. It is exceptionally weighty, hard and takes a fine polish. It is profoundly esteemed for bureau work in Mexico. This is a rosewood wood of superior grade, it is utilized for furniture, bureau work and furthermore in the creation of instruments and ornamental artworks. This species is one of the 33 granadillo varieties named as Hongmu creating hardwood, for use in Chinese furniture following customs from the Ming and Quing administration, making it especially valuable. Because of this the species is feeling the squeeze from the illicit collect and exchange of wood. Tiny amounts of exchange are accounted for on CITES exchange information base.

In the same way as other species inside the family Fabaceae, whenever they have been dried for capacity the seeds of this species might profit from scarification prior to planting to accelerate germination. This should generally be possible by pouring a limited quantity of almost bubbling water on the seeds (being mindful so as not to cook them!) and afterward dousing them for 12 – 24 hours in warm water. At this point they ought to have assimilated dampness and enlarged – in the event that they have not, then cautiously make a scratch in the seed coat (being mindful so as not to harm the undeveloped organism) and splash for a further 12 hours before sowing.
Softwood cuttings of numerous species, particularly whenever taken from more youthful plants, will establish in an all-around depleted, sandy medium in a shut case with base hotness.

Video: harvested granadillo loaded to the vehicle to send it for further process. ( California Exotic Hardwoods (CEH) )

Video : Milling of granadillo ..from California Exotic Hardwoods (CEH) )

Video : Figured wood milling real video .from California Exotic Hardwoods (CEH) )

all woods are legally harvested and procured . The course of wood harvesting is contained five essential undertakings: Timber securing (moving to the tree). Felling and setting up the tree for extraction (delimbing, besting, and sectioning). Separating the tree to a focal area or landing (slipping or sending). The trees are generally cut into more modest lengths on location ,that process is called logging and afterward got by a lumber truck, which ships the wood to a handling site, that is to a sawmill and development maker. At the picked site, the logs are debarked and kicked, or slice to the expected length.

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Real pictures of legal Harvesting and extraction of granadillo exotic wood from the wild by California Exotic Hardwoods (CEH) .

The processed wood is then send to kiln dry process.The kiln dry cycle includes the drying of wood in a chamber where air flow, relative humidity and temperature can be controlled so the dampness content of wood can be decreased to an objective point without having any drying abandons. The drying times differ by wood size and dampness level. Standard kiln drying temperatures are low – around 170 degrees Fahrenheit for granadillo wood drying . Kiln drying brings dampness content down to somewhere close to 6-8 percent.The kiln dry process may take 4 to 6 weeks for granadillo tropical exotic hard wood . After the kiln dried amble has arrived at the right dampness level for granadillo, it is sent through the planer and planed to its last dimensions, arranged to grade and delivered out.

kiln dry granadillokiln dry granadill2

Granadillo is used in producing many expensive and excusive products . The product which are made by granadillo have a unique and stunning appearance. The hardness of this wood can send vibrations. For this reason granadillo is utilized in the musical field by luthiers and in the development of percussion keys of the marimba, an instrument with warm and wrapping tone contrasted with the xylophone. In the development of acoustic guitars it broadens the recurrence range and the length of sounds.

  Here you can see above the pictures of  Kiln dry process of granadillo at California Exotic Hardwoods (CEH)   .             

Granadillo commonly used in making Furniture, cabinetry, veneer, musical instruments, turned objects, and small specialty wood items. The Granadillo is also used to make many other objects such as bow and arrows ,sculpture ,knife handles ,finger board of gitars,gitar bridge blanks ,head plates , bows ,pen making, pool cue sticks ,chess boards ,toys , neck of gitars , gun stocks, fire place mantel ,shelfing and in some amazing types jewellery .

Granadillo is used in interior work of expensive yachts and aircrafts .Epoxy table makers love granadillo for their master piece of table (river tables ) .Live edges are used to produce most unique and fabulous furniture like coffee tables ,bed frames, round granadillo cookie coffee tables ,dinning table, chairs and live edge slabs .Wood lovers also use small live edge pieces are used as exotic wood cutting boards .Granadillo exotic live edge is also used in interior decoration such as walls art and much more . Custom made luxury humidors and cigarette boxes are made from granadillo .

Real pictures of granadillo stunning live edge slabs for your creative master pieces ,from California Exotic Hardwoods (CEH) 

At California exotic hardwood, we have almost all kinds of woods ,lumbers etc. California exotic hardwood harvest and collect wood legally .we supply wood to major client all over the globe .Our clients have most positive responds on our products . California exotic hard wood have most amazing collection of exotic lumber ,burl’s ,live edge slabs, tone woods, turning woods, bowl blanks ,knife handles ,pen blanks, round/cookie/crosscut shape slabs .

Video: Fabulous beautiful granadillo  live edge slabs  from California Exotic Hardwoods (CEH) 

Granadillo will enchant your innovativeness with its strong purplish shading and wonderful rosewood-like examples. A hard wood will take a super fine finish and will capture everyone’s attention in your enriching projects. Make creative beautiful planned, fastidiously carefully assembled custom furnishings, casework, millwork and other fine woodworking.

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All the wood lovers out there,we have a news for you .We California Exotic Hardwoods (CEH) have custom milling available just for you .

Get creative and explore your own imagination to make some something amazing …..we California exotic hardwoods welcome to the land of wood and wood lovers around you ..Visit our online store to explore our inventory and also we expect you to visit our physical store at California .

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