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Granadillo  Item2

scientific Name: Playmiscium yucatanum

Product Dimentions:

Weight :- 11 lb

1 1/8 ” thickness, / 7 1/2 ”  width / 39″  length

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Finest quality |  Highly figured |  Kiln dried

scientific Name: Playmiscium yucatanum

Product Dimentions:

1 1/8 ” thickness /  7 1/2 ”  width / 39″  length

In South America, it is exceptionally viewed as the best tone wood decision for marimba and xylophone bones and is regularly referred to as “La Madera Que Canta” (“wood that sings”). Granadillo has been said to have a ringing, splendid tap tone and is acquiring ubiquity among American instrument creators. Granadillo got more prominent consideration and consistently filling in prominence since the exportation restriction on Brazilian Rosewood, just about 25 years prior.

Granadillo is casually viewed as a sort of rosewood. Sonically, it’s practically identical to Indian rosewood, but it’s harder and denser. It also looks like Dalbergia rosewood in both thickness and shading. Granadillo heartwood colors range from purple to brown to red tints. Its sapwood is pale white. Subsequently, the wood differentiates unmistakably where the sap meets the heart. The difference is obviously depicted and unique. Notwithstanding its dim shocking and stunning tones, Granadillo stumble is valued for its thickness. It is an exceptionally heavy solid durable  wood, comparable in thickness to genuine Dalbergia rosewoods like Kingwood .

One more name for Granadillo is Mexican Rosewood, however Granadillo is simpler to work and pastes significantly more promptly and easily. It is thick and straight with a shut grain structure. Albeit not a genuine Rosewood.

Granadillo is an intriguing wood that is radiant red to rosy or purplish brown, with rather unmistakable stripes. The sapwood is obviously unmistakable from the heartwood, and is practically white in shading. It is hard and better than Teak and presumably Mahogany. The wood is particularly weighty. It weighs considerably more than Hard maple or Teak in the green or prepared condition. The thickness of the wood is exceptionally high. Similar in tone to rosewood, granadillo boasts a broad frequency range with clear articulation and a bell-like sparkle that enhances the sustain. Because it tends to be slightly harder and denser than rosewood, the tone can produce a little extra chime. The wood customarily has been utilized for marimba bars in view of its unmistakable, chimey tone. Old style guitar producers later acquired it and have been involving it for something like 50 years. Matching granadillo with a Sitka tidy top will yield clear, ringing, long-supporting notes. It will in general be exceptionally restricted in accessibility.

Works out positively For: An assortment of body shapes and playing styles. Assuming you like clear, ringer like tone and a rosewood guitar, granadillo will presumably interest you. Granadillo (from the variety Platymiscium) is an extraordinary tone wood in acoustic guitars. Be that as it may, it makes an eminent fret board material and can be a full yet adjusted tone wood for acoustic guitar backs/sides.

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Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 39 × 7.5 × 11.8 in
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