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Ovangkol curly 3x3x12 turning blanks



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Ovangkol Curly 3x3x12 turning blanks

Finest quality / kiln dried
Dimension : Length :12 /  Width : 3 / Thickness : 3″

Shipping $30 for each piece and for 2 or more pieces $16 each extra.

Buy beautiful Ovangkol figured ( curly) 3x3x12 turning blanks . Ovangkol wood-turning blanks are available in California exotic hardwoods and online.

The botanical name :Gubourtia ehie,

Amazique, Amazoué, Hyedua, Black Hyedua, Mozambique, ovangkol, and Shedua are some of their common names.
mainly flourish in West Africa.
primarily in rainforests.

Caribbean hardwood widely utilized in the construction of cabinets and musical instruments.
We provide California exotic hardwoods.
Curly figured ovangkol is special.

We dry all of our ovangkol in a kiln.
use primarily on the sides and backs of the guitar. Consider Ovangkol or Shedua as alternatives to Indian rosewood.
Additionally, Ovangkol used to make  guitar fingerboards.
Mostly yellowing and reddish brown in appearance.
Also available is a darker brown with numerous lines of grey and black stripes. California Exotic Hardwoods selects and processes only the highest-quality logs available. Always get lumber that is a unique in colour.
Not yet included in the CITIES APPENDICES. Really unusual In accordance with confirmed orders, California Exotic Hardwoods is able to produce custom veneers.

Ovangkol wood-turning blanks are available in California exotic hardwoods and online.

High-quality blanks for a wide range of woodturning and carving projects. Each blank is quality checked and graded individually. First-grade blanks are free of defects such as large knots, splits, or insect holes, among other things. Each blank is machined to produce a flat and stable surface on which to begin work.