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6 Pieces Super saver Offer Padauk | Wenge, 4/4 Lumber with 5" width, 26" length Exotic wood lumber combo pack with free shipping Dimension: Padauk 26"x5"x4/4"#3| Wenge:  26"x5"x4/4"#3 ,  Total Pieces:6  Free shipping and quality guarantee Kiln-dried  and ready to use  All images represented in this listing are real | 100 % Satisfaction Assorted Finest quality.
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Padauk 4 pieces lumber pack

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4 Padauk lumber beautiful pieces


2 1/8” x10”x83”
2 1/8”x10”x83”

2 1/8” x 7”x 83”

2 1/8” x 6”x 83”

Thickness planned .bit of sap wood . Crispy look . Kiln dried. All pieces came from same log match color

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