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8/4 Okoume Lumber, Packs Measuring 10 to 20 Board Feet

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8/4 Okoume Lumber, Packs Measuring 10 to 20 Board Feet

Gabon is another name for Okoume (not to be confused with Gabon Ebony).
This is a large African tree that can grow to heights of 90 to 120 feet and has a diameter of 30 to 70 feet. The sapwood is whitish or light grey in colour, while the heartwood ranges from salmon pink to golden brown. The grain on the tree is usually interlaced and has a nice natural shine.

With a density ranging from 0.36 to 0.42, Okoume wood is both light and strong, working and bonding well. It has a minor blunting effect on cutters. It is frequently used in the manufacture of boats and aircraft in Europe and around the world.

Okoume lumber wood  is thinner than Sapele and Khaya, two other mahogany substitutes. As a result, it produces lightweight electric guitars that are not boring. It has the same grain as the more expensive Genuine Mahogany. The tap tone of okoume is frequently compared to that of traditional mahogany.

Okoume marine plywood has properties that make it foldable in addition to being strong and water-resistant. As a result, making kayak boats, hydroplane racing boats, kayaks, sailboats, frame parts, and various other boat parts is extremely simple. It is also used to make veneer, plywood, boatbuilding, musical instruments, and interior millwork. Because of its glossy appearance, it can also be used to build furniture or on kitchen cabinets.

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