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Swamp Ash is a typical name for North American trees in the genus Fraxinus which isn’t types of wood yet the type term “swamp” depicts really a “zone” where Ash grows. Like Ash that grows along waterways, streams, brooks, marshes, and… deep swamps! There are various ways of making sense of it is really a similar tree, which by filling in various regions of the USA (north or central or south) grows with very surprising unique characteristics. 

During the winter and spring season, flooding happens in the Mississippi River along with the lower areas. The swamp Ash or Water Ash trees can endure the occasional flooding. In any case, flooding has escalated because of environmental changes. The roots of Swamp Ash (not really the tree!) are submerged in water for most of the winter and spring seasons. Because the roots are under the water table that’s why the wood is fantastic mild. It is lighter than the Ash lumber obtained from the trees which grow around less moisture. Fraxinus caroliniana, or Carolina Water Ash, is a fairly little, seemingly perpetual deciduous tree or Shrub that is local toward the south-eastern US, frequently extended at the base and inclining, with an adjusted or tight crown. 

 mississippi swamp ash

Swamp ash tree standing in a swamp or wet area on the Mississippi River.

It fills just in the more profound deep swamp areas and along waterway bottoms of the Carolina waterfront fields and Piedmont regions. Commonly, the tree develops to 25 to 60 feet tall with a breadth of 6 to 8 inches. It doesn’t withstand salt showers or salty waters. In nature, it is an understory tree in clammy to wet, obscure locales with acidic soil.

Swamp Ash that doesn’t come from growths in excessive moisture areas, often swampy regions, which include Georgia, Texas, North Florida, and South Carolina. Swamp Ash grows rapidly in wetlands/swamps. That’s why it is lighter in weight and lower in thickness as compared to “Northern ash”. Northern ash is commonly used in making baseball bats, bowling pins, etc. The lighter weight makes Swamp ash an engaging choice for electric guitar manufacturers. Guitar love Swamp ash for lightweight so as they call it Swamp ash—also called “music ash”. Swamp ash trees have slight thin-walled cells with huge gaps between them, making them a low-density wood. For this reason, some people say it has an exceptional sound. This has made it the material of desire for some of the most renowned guitar players in the rock and roll music industry. We in general know Swamp Ash as a tonewood utilized for strong body Guitars, Swamp Ash is in particular related to the solid body of electric guitars but Swamp Ash is not used for necks, fingerboards, or for acoustics guitars.

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Swamp Ash is so lightweight that a person can carry lumber pieces easily like the man holding Swamp ash wood on his shoulder in the above picture.

There are numerous common names are there for Fraxinus caroliniana like pop ash, Florida ash, Swamp ash, Poppy Ash, Carolina ash, or water ash, is a kind of ash tree local from Cuba via the subtropical southeastern united states of America from southern Virginia to Texas. Fraxinus caroliniana is dioecious, with male and female blossoms produced on separate individuals. The bark is light grey, skinny, and scaly, and turns tough and furrowed with age. at the same time as this tree may grow with a single trunk, its miles are often located with numerous crooked or leaning trunks. Flowers bloom in early spring before leaves emerge. Flowers are 1/8 inch lengthy. The grain and surface are like White Ash with heartwood as a gentle earthy colored shade, albeit more obscure shades can likewise be seen. Sapwood might be extremely broad and tends to be beige or light brown.

Botanical name: Fraxinius caroliniana
Genus : Fraxinus
Species : Caroliniana
Normal names: Guitar Ash, Punky Ash, Swamp Ash, Pop ash, Florida ash, Swamp ash, Poppy Ash, Carolina ash, or water ash, Musical ash, Tone ash, Instrumental ash
Family: Olive
Plant type: Shrub (multi-stem )
Region of Origin: North America | United States | South to Cuba
Plant Features :
Flower color: Green/Purple/Lavender
Leaf Characteristics: Deciduous
Leaf Color: Green

Fruit Color: Brown/Copper/Purple/Lavender

Average Height: 30 ft. – 60 ft.

Bark Color : Light Brown / Light Grey / Orange
Texture : Scaly / tough

Wood Texture: Medium

Heartwood color: Light earthy

Sapwood Color: Beige or light brown

Grain Type: Interlocked, open grain
Density: Low (lightweight)

Durability: Less

Stability: Less

Regular board density: 2lb to 2.85lb

Regular board breadth: 6” to 9 ¾”

Regular board height: 6.5 ft.

Commercial use: Widely used to make musical instruments, especially electric guitar solid body.

This particular grade of ash must be found in trees that grow along the banks of the Mississippi River, and with the tree’s base submerged for the majority of the year. The Swamp ash is harvested only when the water dries up in late summer or pre-fall. These wetland trees have thin-walled cells with big gaps between them, making them a low-density wood — which means a piece of wood acquired from the lower portion of the tree will be lighter and everybody says this creates an exceptionally unique sound. As a result, this made the Swamp ash the best choice for a number of the maximum famous guitar players in rock music.

swamp ash end grainswamp ash lumber 1

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swamp ash thin lumber

Buy Swamp Ash guitar body blanks from California exotic hardwoods.

Ash has even more of a transient assault on the high end and punches. Swamp ash appeared to be somewhat more brilliant and sparky in tone, particularly with the clean sounds. Seen a huge Tone distinction in the Swamp ash, as it sounded a lot more full-bodied. The Swamp ash has the hottest fullest lower mid-range with no compromise on the high end. It has the most special and fascinating sound with its own particular unique character to the tones.

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Swamp Ash electric guitars are lightweight and amazing guitars.

swamp ash lumber

Perfect quality Swamp ash guitar body blanks from California exotic hardwoods .

Ash is an extraordinary wood to work with additionally, it’s thick, and machines and sands properly so that take an incredible finish look. Swamp Ash appears to have a more perfect desirable tone for guitars than ordinary Ash. Swamp Ash is one of the special wood in our inventory, which most of the time is used to create electric guitar bodies. Lightweight Water Ash boards weigh from 2 lb. to 2.8 lb. The material is open grain and takes a great deal of finish, extremely simple to machine, nail, and glue. Being an intensely finished wood, it is generally excellent for a clear finish.

This wood Swamp Ash isn’t to be mistaken for Northern Ash. When we discuss the stiffness and stability, Swamp Ash is less strong than regular Ash but is stiff than hard Ash so it’s not used for making the neck construction, even as it’s widely used to make electric guitar and bass bodies where it is warm and unique resonant tone works on the instrument’s usual tone.

swamp ash guitar body blanks 2 swamp ash body blanks swamp ash guitar body blanks

Beautiful quality Swamp ash lightweight electric guitar body blanks, buy from California exotic hardwoods.

A few pieces are stuck together to make an instrument body, despite the fact that there have been single-piece bodies. The wood creates more high pitch and great support, with less warmth than other guitar woods. All things considered, Swamp ash gives explanation and presence with an incredible harmony among brilliance and warmth, and it looks extraordinary. Swamp Ash offers a percussive speed when level picked hard and offset pleasantness when fingerpicked with a light touch.

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Swamp Ash guitar body blanks from California exotic hardwoods.

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Each winter and spring, downpours across the central U.S. join with snowmelt along the northern reaches of the Mississippi River to immerse the hardwood-overwhelmed bottomlands of the lower Mississippi. At the point when the floodwaters retreat and soils evaporate in summer; this is the time when the logging crew moves to harvest Swamp ash. Swamp ash harvest is only possible when the water dries up in summer.

The unfavorable circumstance shows how environmental change outcomes can resonate through all parts of society — even the music business. Also, the Swamp ash supply could turn out to be even more questionable in light of the fact that specialists anticipate that an Earth-wide temperature boost should keep on exacerbating floods.

In the lower Mississippi River, these trees are equipped for getting through occasional flooding. When the bottomlands are sufficiently dry, the logging crew set off to reap the wood. When the waterway returns inside its banks, the ground is similarly as protected to cross with weighty logging hardware, yet, often extreme flooding occasions have made things troublesome. The bottomlands have been essentially distant for more than two years.

Another danger is likewise sneaking: the Emerald ash borer. The larvae of this obtrusive insect, local to Asia, burrow through wood and upset trees’ capacity to move water and supplements. , the Beetle has spread to 35 U.S. states and five Canadian areas and killed a large number of local Ash trees. It’s spreading quickly in the U.S.

On the other hand, the Mississippi River encountered a portion of the most obviously terrible flooding‘ in the last 25 years.., the high water levels made it exceptionally difficult for most of the confided wood providers to reach or concentrate the Swamp ash, bringing about one of the most awful harvests in late history. Have confidence, Swamp Ash is a lot of an apparatus in our likely arrangements. At last, ALL kinds of ash used to be among the least expensive, most abundant hardwood in North America.

However, the intrusive Emerald Ash Borer creepy-crawly has crushed ash trees across the state; and changing environment patterns have impacted wetland hydrology. So “Swamp Ash” wood isn’t generally so plentiful as it used to be. Sadly there are wood vendors who exploit what is happening, and presently charge a premium for the wood full well.

California exotic hardwoods select simply the most elevated grade lumbers of the finest quality, and we’ve frequently worked with Swamp ash – also called ‘punky ash‘ or ‘instrument-grade ash’. The wood’s weight of fewer than 2.8 pounds per board foot makes for an extraordinary instrument build; however, it’s difficult to extract. The logging of the Swamp ash is very difficult.


We, “California exotic hardwoods keep on supply of high-grade Swamp ash accessible for buy .we keep on scanning the globe for the best woods you’ve never known about, and our wood store is set to develop and keep up with those out of this world principles.

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