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Buy Bolivian Rose wood 8/4 lumber / 5 pieces

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Buy Bolivian Rose wood 8/4 lumber / 5 pieces

Finest quality / kiln dry
65.51 / BF
Dimensions :  Left to right (as per product image )

1St Pc : Thickness : 2 1/4 /  Width : 9 3/4 /  Length : 102 1/4

2nd Pc : Thickness : 2 1/4 /  Width : 7 7/8  /  Length : 94 5/8

3rd Pc : Thickness : 2 1/4 /  Width : 8 3/4 /  Length : 118 1/4

4th Pc : Thickness : 2 1/4 /  Width : 7 7/8 /  Length : 102 1/2

5th Pc : Thickness : 2 1/4 /  Width : 6 3/4 /  Length : 102 5/8

Bolivian rosewood is similar to actual rosewood in many ways, including its hues, use, and density. From violet streaks to coffee browns and black, the colours are varied. The trees are cultivated in Bolivia and a few neighboring nations. Bolivian Rosewood is a lovely option for both acoustic and electric guitars, but it is also used for anything from jewelry boxes to high-end veneers for business aircraft. Pau Ferro, Santos Rosewood, Morado, and other names are also used frequently. Other real rosewoods are more expensive .

Although Rosewood appears in the name, it is not true Rosewood because Machaerium spp., not Dalbergia, appears in the scientific nomenclature. Buy High-quality Bolivian rosewood guitar neck blanks from the best tonewoods supplier in California .

Pau ferro is finest quality lumber . Highly figured. Exotic lumber Pau ferro considered substitute for rosewood . Santos rosewood /pau ferro , this wood is Very unique exotic woods . Pau ferro is very famous around luthiers and they use  for making fretboards , neck blanks and guitar body blanks .

Pau ferro is a famous tonewoods. Pau ferro other common  names are , bolivan rosewood , Santos rosewood ,morado. Pau Ferro other name Bolivan rosewood ,Santos rosewood , Morado #Morado#bolivanrosewood#pauferro#

Pau Ferro used a substitute for the endangered Brazilian Rosewood and other Rosewoods . ” It’s Not listed in CITES until now , that’s a good news , CITES-free , rosewood Fine texture . Luxurious look is the key
look of Santos rosewood / Pau Ferro Pau ferro / Santos rosewood has a very Luxurious unique and attractive look when finished. Pau ferro exotic lumbers from California exotic hardwoods are kiln dried.

We California exotic hardwoods are famous supplier of most unique and popular exotic hard woods which are hard to find . Buy High Quality Bolivian rose wood lumber from the best  Exotic hardwood supplier in California. Our products are defect-free and of high quality. We are happy to answer your queries to serve you better.

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Buy Bolivian Rose wood 8/4 lumber / 5 pieces

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Additional information

Dimensions 118 × 9.25 × 2.25 in

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Buy Bolivian Rose wood 8/4 lumber / 5 pieces