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Macassar Ebony/Striped Ebony Turning Blanks

$7.10 $49.95
Buy Macassar Ebony/Striped Ebony Turning Wood Blanks/ Pool Cue Blanks/ Spindle Blanks/ Knife Scales .

Explore the exceptional possibilities of Macassar Ebony turning wood blanks, meticulously crafted from square wood blocks and wet lumber boards. Tailored for DIY woodworking projects, these high-quality blanks beckon you to express your creativity on the lathe. Perfect for crafting intricate spindles, elegant table legs, or distinctive furniture pieces, these turning blanks are poised to bring your envisioned designs to fruition. Their versatility extends to smaller turnings, ensuring impeccable precision for a range of creative endeavors. Elevate your woodworking experience with the exquisite potential of Macassar Ebony turning wood blanks.

                               Commonly cherished for their exceptional qualities, Macassar Ebony turning wood blanks find their place in a multitude of applications. From the artistry of woodturnings and custom pool cues to the refinement of gun and knife scales, bottle stoppers, handles, fine furniture, and cabinetry, these blanks embody the epitome of craftsmanship. Their captivating allure makes them a preferred choice for inlays, turnings, and various small specialty objects, offering endless opportunities to showcase the inherent beauty of Macassar Ebony.



Wood Name Macassar Ebony/Striped Ebony/Amara Ebony.
Botanical Name Diospyros Celebica
Length Available in 3 to 36 inches
Width  Available in 1 to 3  inches
Thickness  Available in 1 to 3  inches
Dried Not Dried (Wet)
Moisture Content 15 – 22%
Shipping Restrictions No
Return 30-Day  Return






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Macassar Ebony/Striped Ebony Turning Blanks

$7.10 $49.95