California Exotic Hardwoods

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Buy best Pau Rosa 1″x1-1/2″ x5″ Knife Blanks

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Buy best Pau Rosa 1″x1-1/2″ x5″ Knife Blanks

Finest quality / kiln dried

Dimensions : Length : 5″ / width : 1 1/2″ / Thickness : 1″
Buy the best Pau Rosa 1″x1-1/2″ x5″ Knife Blanks ready to use from California exotic hardwoods.
All Knife Blanks are kiln-dried and ready to use.
Pau Rosa is a very beautiful exotic hardwood and it’s durable.
Iroko is made from the west African-native Iroko tree (Chlorophora excelsa).

Although the iroko is commonly referred to as African or Nigerian teak, it is not a member of the teak family.

Iroko wood is exceptionally robust, resistant, and dense. 

As a replacement for teak, which it resembles in both colour and grain (light brown to deep golden-brown), it is frequently used in cabinetmaking and panelling.

It is a tough wood that doesn’t need to be treated for preservation; as a result, it offers financial and environmental benefits that make it a perfect choice for outdoor use.

Domestic flooring is one of Iroko wood’s lumber other main applications.

Iroko wood can be utilized to make affordable furniture because it is less expensive than other hardwoods like teak.


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Additional information

Dimensions 5 × 1.5 × 1 in

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best pau rosa supplier in california

Buy best Pau Rosa 1″x1-1/2″ x5″ Knife Blanks